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Learn More about our Rodeo Contestant Hospitality Committee

The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo has earned the title of “13 Time PRCA Large Indoor Rodeo of the Year” thanks to our selfless volunteers who bring a unique magic to the organization. The Rodeo Contestant Hospitality Committee adds to the mystical allure by providing a friendly reception to all PRCA and WPRA contestants and their families.

“The committee provides more than a place to relax and a meal,” says Roy McCue, current Director and Life Member since 2003. “We provide a service for the contestants to make them feel more at home and more comfortable before they compete.” The committee serves as ambassadors for our show and our city because they strive to make contestants “feel welcome to San Antonio and make it a more inviting place with home cooked meals.”

The committee got its start with Danny Adams at the helm. Danny is respected and fondly remembered for his great attitude, hardworking spirit, and dedication to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Danny wished to provide contestants with whatever was needed to make their stay here as comfortable and memorable as possible, including transportation assistance, meals, a place to relax and a Contestant Autograph Session where they could interact with their fans.

Greg Burger, Life Member since 2005, is a committee veteran with roots to the rodeo dating back to the late 70s. Greg was a part of the committee from the beginning and has seen the program grow from a 15’x15’ room into what it is today. At first they had a little stove and some couches in a corner of one of the cattle barns and now its current home is about 3,000 square feet and can accommodate all contestants and their families.

The committee also gives a hand to the future rodeo stars that try their luck in Mutton Bustin’. Committee Chairman Tracie Kelso, current Director and Life Member since 1993, said he “loves the Mutton Bustin’, working with the kids and families in general.” While it is always an adventure working with the kids and the sheep, those situations may cause you to “pull your hair out at times, but are all worth it when you see how much fun the kids had.”

While the committee enjoys what they do for the contestants, they also have a few favorite rodeo memories:

Greg Burger recalls one of his favorite rodeo memories as when “Speed Williams promised a Wounded Warrior that if he won that night that the Wounded Warrior would get his buckle. Sure enough Speed won and presented the man with the buckle.“ It’s that kind of selflessness that lights Greg’s fire to keep giving back. Greg also gives back when he grabs a bite to eat at the Van De Walle Fajita Corral. “If it goes back to the kids, I want to be a part of it.”

Roy McCue enjoys the rodeo performances, where he gets a chance to see “the athletes, the guys, gals, and rodeo stock that are competing.” He thinks “it’s all amazing” and he hopes the public will come out to learn and get a “better understanding of what the sport and lifestyle are all about.”

Committee Vice Chair Georgette McCue, current Director and Life Member since 2003, says her favorite part of the rodeo is Leon Coffee. “From when I was young, throughout the years, and even until today…that man is absolutely amazing! As a barrel man and entertainer, I appreciate the time he spends with kids and signing autographs.”

As the Rodeo Contestant Hospitality Committee continues to grow, they mentor young leaders so the tradition will continue for years to come. Tracie says, we have “little turnover because everyone that gets involved becomes addicted to the different areas we support.”

Thank you to the members interviewed and to the entire Rodeo Contestant Hospitality Committee for their continued support and hard work. They are a part of the reason the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is such a great and respected organization.