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Learn More about our Horse Show Committee

During the annual Stock Show & Rodeo, there’s a mighty fine group of folks you’ll find “horsing around” in the Expo Hall. There’s no “reining in” the enthusiasm and talents of the amazing Horse Show Committee!

These 496 dedicated volunteers – supported by the staff team of Sage Hanner and Taylor Stockard - coordinate and manage horse shows and horse sales, handle the unloading and stalling of horse show exhibitors, PRCA contestants and their animals, operate the feed stores, and educate visitors about the equine industry through the Horse Discovery exhibit.

“Corralling” these unbelievable efforts are Chairman, Wayne Katz, and Vice-Chairman, Kevin Brown, who gave insight into their passion and vision for the Horse Show Committee.

Wayne first became involved when a coworker’s participation sparked his own interest. It was word of mouth for Kevin as well, who was told by a family member – and Horse Show Committee member – that volunteers were needed to help with the growing shows. Wayne’s equine experience came by way of his wife, and Kevin’s via a lifelong passion for rodeo events, specifically a lifetime of attending San Antonio. He was interested in the challenge of learning about horses and horse shows; that’s all it takes to get started!

In the years that followed, this duo had a great deal of fun, but Kevin’s favorite memory in a sea of positive experiences is one of a serious nature. “…when our current Chairman, Wayne Katz, said we needed to jump off a cliff - meaning we needed to dramatically change our show schedule and show types, focusing on enhanced youth participation. Wayne formed an ad-hoc committee that I was proud to serve on. From those efforts, the Youth Rodeo was born. Thanks to the extensive efforts of our horse show volunteers, staff and leadership, the inaugural event was a huge success. Youth Rodeo has since gone on to become one of our largest and most exciting horse show events.”

When these fine gentlemen get a break from the barns, Wayne loves to see smiling faces on the fairgrounds having fun for a great cause, and Kevin ponies up some cash at the Fajita Corral, where his favorite fair foods directly support scholarships!

Speaking of scholarships, when asked about his favorite Rodeo-time memory, Wayne said, “giving a scholarship to the winner of an event”. Giving is better than receiving for Kevin as well. His joy is found “seeing the satisfaction and excitement from the youth exhibitors and their parents when they are presented with scholarships or awards. S.A.L.E. has a tremendous impact on the future of these youth and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Always looking to the future, this team has big, attainable goals locked in their sights. For the horse shows themselves, they aim to increase the numbers of entrants, increase awareness of horse show events, and give the most amazing awards possible. More horses, more fans, more fun! All with the goal of contributing even more to the youth of Texas.

In terms of the committee, Kevin is excited about opportunities to welcome new volunteers, enhance the interaction of their subcommittees, streamline processes, and work with other fantastic Stock Show & Rodeo committees in new ways.

Wayne beautifully describes San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo volunteerism as, “A large group of strangers who come together and build the biggest, best family to support the youth of Texas”. Sounds incredible, huh? If you might be the newest Horse Show Committee member, you’re in luck – upcoming informational sessions will be held August 22, and September 25. Join Wayne, Kevin and their friends to learn about the Stock Show & Rodeo’s history and mission, scholarship giving, the functions of the Horse Show Committee, and some fun and accolades, too. (Contact Linda Justis at for more information.)