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Texas Wildlife & Natural Resources Committee

What happens when a landscape architect who loves to fish, a winery owner who loves giving back as much as she enjoys a glass of grapes, a selfless home builder, and a kind-hearted domestic engineer all join forces? Like all of our volunteers, you get a group of hardworking, caring, fun-loving people who pour their heart and soul into the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. This particular group of volunteers are members of the Texas Wildlife & Natural Resources Committee. They all joined this committee because they wanted to be involved in something bigger, while helping out friends, giving back to the community, and by sharing their love of the Texas outdoors.

Here’s what they had to say:

How did you choose your committee?
Scott W (Committee Chairman, Volunteer since January 2011 and Life Member since June 2012): “It kind of chose me. Mark Seal, Mark Colaw, and Mark Metzger told me to give the Texas Wildlife & Natural Recourses Committee a try. Knowing that I was in the landscape industry and that I love to hunt, fish, and spend time outdoors they figured it was the natural place to go. They were right, it was a great fit and I enjoy my time on this committee.”

What aspirations do you have for your committee and our organization?
Karen W (Volunteer since January 2013 and Life Member since July 2014): “I’m hoping to help make our committee a well-oiled machine. We need to make it easy and flexible for people to give their time and energy. The easier we make it for people to volunteer their time, the more often they will come. We must continue to make sure everything gets done right and safe, all while making it a fun experience for volunteers.”

What is your rodeo sales pitch to those who aren’t familiar with us?
Amy T (Volunteer since August 2011 and Life Member since July 2014): “I like to educate people about our volunteers. Not many people know that we have tons of volunteers that give their time and money to make this a fun organization. Once they hear that our event doesn’t happen without those volunteers they begin to understand what it’s all about. Having fun and giving back to the children.”

What is your most interesting story on how you got someone to become a volunteer?
Patti B (Volunteer since October 2011 and Life Member since June 2013): “The trick is to get them involved. I invited a few friends to help out last year with our Fish tank. Once they came out, helped, and saw what we had going on they wanted to join the fun.”

What is your favorite fair food?
Scott W: “Fajita corral, they have good food and it’s the best value for the dollar.”

Karen W: “A good funnel cake, I tried fried Oreo’s and I have to admit that they are really good.”

Amy T: “The drinkable kind, I also enjoy the homemade snacks that volunteers bring for each other.”

What is your favorite aspect/attraction/day/event of the show?
Scott W: “I like all the timed events of the actual rodeo (barrel racing, team roping, steer wrestling, tie-down roping) those events always get my attention. When on grounds my favorite was the Fish pond and being able to watch the smiles of the children and parents when the kids would catch their first fish.”

Patti B: “I love watching the finals of the rodeo, it is my favorite part.”

Amy T: “I love going to the show, I like the animals, the riders, and the concerts.”

What is your all-time favorite rodeo memory?
Scott W: “When I was 12 I picked up a job working on Colonel Leo Booth’s Farm so I could be close to horses. One day he asked if I wanted to help a few of his friends at the rodeo and I jumped at the opportunity. That’s when I began helping different members of the Palomino Patrol clean stalls, feed and saddle horses, and prepare for the grand entry. I was out there every day, of every rodeo, until I was 23-years-old and I loved every minute of it.”

Patti B: “I love getting to spend time volunteering with my daughter. I’m grateful that our organization lets us get our children to help and be involved. Spending that precious time together helping others is something I always remember and look forward to.”

Karen W: “We have brought our children to the rodeo for the last 28 years and I have pictorial evidence because every year we would take a picture on the fake bull in the Coliseum. Once they grew out of it, it is nice to be able to just spend time with them and enjoy everything the rodeo has to offer.”

Thank you to the Texas Wildlife & Natural Resources Committee for their time and answers. We look forward to learning more about other committees and the volunteers that make them special.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer, please click here.