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Calf Scramble Committee

Volunteer Spotlight:

When a group of amazing people get together to do incredible things, greatness happens. If you haven’t experienced this, then you need to meet our SALE Volunteers. Follow this link to learn more about the members of the Calf Scramble Committee.

Volunteer Spotlight: Calf Scramble Committee

When a group of amazing people get together to do incredible things, greatness happens. If you haven’t experienced this, then you need to meet our S.A.L.E. Volunteers. Examples of this are all over our organization. One group that exemplifies our core values of Integrity, Caring, and Excellence is the Calf Scramble Committee. They are a part of the dedicated and humble San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Volunteer family that understands what it means to help develop the youth of Texas. Why do they do it? They all have their reasons. To help shed some light, here are a few of their thoughts, memories, and stories.

What initially sparked your interest in becoming a volunteer?

Stephen L (Committee Chairman, Volunteer since September 1999, Life Member since September 2003, and Director Since May 2015): I have a farm and ranch background, so I grew up involved in 4H. I understand the benefits of those programs and know that the children involved learn responsibility. I decided to join to help the youth the same way I was helped when I was growing up.

Paul D (Volunteer since November 2004, Life Member since August 2006, and Director since April 2015): In high school I was very active in FFA and rodeo, and while in the Corps at A&M I majored in Agricultural Economics. When I retired in 2004, I wanted to get back to my roots and get involved with the rodeo.

Scheri A (Volunteer since August 2001, Life Member since August 2004, and Director since May 2012): My husband’s family has been a part of this rodeo for generations. He was always involved and once our kids grew up, it was my turn to join the fun!

What aspirations do you have for your committee?

Stephen L: I want to see our scholarships grow. The best part of calf scramble is that we get to interact with the contestants. We get to know them, see them grow year after year, we get excited for them when they catch a calf, and sometimes we get invited to their graduation. I hope our committee continues to grow and raise more money.

Mike S (Life Member since January 1985): I want to see our committee grow and see the donations increase every year. I love seeing the growth and there’s no end in sight, we can always keep working to get a bigger payout for the children. I love this stuff. I posted on Facebook the other day, ‘I want to be in the rodeo arena helping these kids as long as I am physically able to.’

How do you explain SALE to those that aren’t familiar with us?

Stephen L: I try to let them know that we give a lot of money through scholarships and auctions. We help these children get to where they want to be. We are just helping give kids an opportunity that they wouldn’t normally have. The volunteers work hard to give hard working youth a chance.

Mike S: I start by asking what they know and go from there. I enjoy sharing what we do with calf scramble. We fundraise and prepare contestants for the show. We feel the gratitude from the children, their parents, and their Ag teachers. We are lucky to work with these students. I know our future is bright and it’s because of these hard working kids.

What is your all-time favorite rodeo memory?

Mike S: My all-time favorite rodeo memory is from a time when I was a rodeo photographer. It was during bull riding. A friend of mine fell off, and the bullfighter (rodeo clown) got kicked and knocked out. The bull was headed toward my friend so I threw off my photography equipment and jumped down and grabbed him. That night I was hired as a bull fighter, and I did it for few years.

Paul D: The year that I was able to become the sponsor of one of the finest kids I have had the pleasure to be associated with. This contestant was amazing and very grateful. She even established communication with her various sponsors with monthly newsletters, sent out Christmas cards, and updated us with photos of her and her projects. She made a huge impact on a number of people. Our entire committee knew her, and she even had a Facebook page for her heifer. Getting to meet that young lady and interacting with her was a great experience and a big reason why we do this.

What is your favorite fair food?

Scheri A: The fajitas at the Van de Walle Fajita Corral. They are always good.

Paul D: Frito pie at the fajita corral. I probably eat a dozen every year, and it supports a good cause!

Do you have anything you would like to add?

Mike S: We provide a wholesome family experience that benefits the agriculture community and students. I am very proud of this organization, and I love my committee. I did one of those Facebook word searches the other day, and the three phrases I use the most are ‘calf scramble,’ 'Boots 'N Shoot ,’ and ‘the youth of Texas.’

Paul D: I always knew SALE was a good organization. Since I’ve joined, it has been reinforced every year. What I enjoy most about our organization is that every year, every time you come out, you are with the people that have the same set of values you have, and they know what it means to serve. The neat thing is all our volunteers may not have a rural background, but they have the values of giving back, having fun, working hard and getting the job done right. I enjoy being around those type of people.

Did you know?

The Calf Scramble Committee raises money through ‘Boots ‘N Shoot’ an annual clay shooting event that allows competitive shooters to showcase their talents. During the 2016 ‘Boots ‘N Shoot’, former contestants from the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Junior Shoot-Out came back to participate and won their division.

Thank you to the Calf Scramble Committee for your time and answers.