About the #11 Team Roping

The popular sport of Team Roping began when cowboys on a ranch turned a normal ranching procedure into a competition. Team Roping is now one of the six standard rodeo events. A team consists of one “header” and one “heeler.” The steer is given a 10-15 feet head start out of the chute, and then the header and heeler may give chase. If the header leaves the box or “breaks the barrier” before the steer has completed his head start, a five-second penalty is added. The header can rope the steer around the horns, neck, or a horn-neck combination. Once the header catches, he then turns the steer to the left so the heeler can try to rope both of the steer’s hind legs. If the heeler only catches one leg, a five-second penalty is added. Both ropers must dally (have their rope wrapped around the saddle horn) and both horses must be facing the steer in order to stop the clock. A Team Roping run is typically completed in 15 seconds or less.

Schedule of Events:

The Horse Show event schedule will not include a #11 Team Roping in 2021. For more information, please email horse@sarodeo.com or call the Horse Show Office at 210-225-1309.

2020 Results:

#11 Team Roping

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