About the Breakaway Roping

The roper begins her run from a “roping box”, with a barrier rope across the open front. The box is adjacent to a chute, containing the calf. One end of the breakaway barrier is looped around the calf and released as soon as the calf reaches its advantage point. If the roper beats the calf out of the chute, a 10- second penalty is added to her final time with a “broken barrier”. Once the calf is caught by the cowgirl’s loop, the horse is trained to come to a stop to remove the rope from the saddle horn allowing the calf to “break away”. This also allows the flagger (judge) to know when to stop the clock. A fast run is in less than 3 seconds.

Schedule of Events:

The Horse Show event schedule will not include a Breakaway Roping in 2021. For more information, please email horse@sarodeo.com or call the Horse Show Office at 210-225-1309.

2020 Results:

Breakaway 1st Round Results
Breakaway 2nd Round Results
Breakaway Final Average Results

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