Swifty Swine

If you've never been to a pig race, you're in for a real treat! Swifty and his friends don't do it for the money, what they really want is that Oreo cookie, waiting on a silver platter at the finish line!

Cowboy Boot Camp

Cowboy Boot Camp is an educational kids attraction with 10 hands-on activity stations. Guests will have a chance to pan gold, learn to lasso, and even make a rope!

  • Gold Panning
  • Horse Shoes
  • Cowboy Campout
  • Milk a Cow
  • Learn to Lasso & Steer Roping
  • Dress Like a Cowboy
  • General Store
  • Cowboy Craft & Face Painting
  • Saddle, Bridle, & Grooming Station
  • Pedal Tractors

Little Buckaroo Farms

Exhibits offer visitors a chance to see the agricultural origins of the food and fiber needed for daily living. Exhibits show agricultural production from farm and ranch to the kitchen table. Visitors to Little Buckaroo Farms can sample southwest dairy products, see a live beehive, take a picture with a farm animal or try their hand at goat-milking! Exhibits and displays include a dairy product exhibit, honeybee exhibit, Bexar County Master Gardener's booth, rainwater harvesting display, farm animal exhibit and an indoor garden display.

Bexar County Master Gardener/horticulture-related exhibits and activities include:
Sales of new rodeo tomato and ornamental plants
Gardening advice from experts
Vegetable gardening displays
Limited-space gardening
Greenhouse growing

Children’s displays and activities:
Treats from H-E-B for kids visiting farm-related exhibits
Butterfly Life Cycle
Make a Love Bug!
Name that Veggie

Other displays/presentations/activities:
Tree giveaway with San Antonio Parks and Recreation
Texas Beekeepers Association honeybee display and educational presentation

Rainwater harvesting demonstrations

Great American Petting Zoo

Great American Petting Zoo is a very different kind of petting zoo. Once inside our enclosure there are absolutely no barriers. All the animals run free with the public! Each and every one of our friendly animals is hand-raised at our farms in Oregon and Texas.

Great American Pony Rides

Our child-friendly Pony Rides offer a chance to ride beautiful pure bred Welsh ponies under a revolving tent top. Our gorgeous, healthy, strong, purebred Welsh ponies are a sight to see, and kids fall in love with them. This tradition at our Rodeo has families bringing their kids back to ride the same ponies that they rode when they were toddlers!

Extreme Dogs

From Feb. 6-11 we welcome back our 4-legged stunt stars from Extreme Dogs. You can witness these highly talented and agile canines dive, weave, and jump into your hearts! Don't miss it! Check the schedule of events for the next show!

Robert Castillo's BMX Freestyle Team

From Feb. 12-17, we will see some high flying action on two wheels! These BMX pros will do tricks of quarter pips, box jumps, a grind rail and an all new launch ramp! Be sure to check it out! Check the schedule of events for the exact show times. 

Nerveless Nocks Thrill Show 

From Feb. 18-23, get ready for a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat! These men and women with nerves of steal will perform acrobatic feats, to death defying tricks on the double wheel, and even bring motorcycles into the Steel Globe! Get ready! Check the schedule of events for exact showtimes. 

Buck Reams Chuck Wagon

Interested in getting a taste of the Old West? Then come out experience Western heritage, exciting tastes, and authentic Chuck Wagon Cooking from Buck Reams. Buck is a cowboy that talks the talk, walks the walk, and cooks better than any other cook around. Buck will share some of his tales and secret recipes daily, check out the schedule of events for his next lesson or swing by and see if he has some savory samples for you to taste. 

Dan-Dan the Farmer Man

New inside of Little Buckaroo Farms will be Dan-Dan the Farmer Man, an interactive comedy rainmaker show. When the Cornball Clodhopper cranks up his Crop-Quenching Contraption, these Rural Rubes conjure up a Crowd Cooling Cloudburst! You can watch the show daily, check the schedule of events for exact times. 

Longhorns 101

Thanks to our friends at Cross T Ranch in Bandera, Texas we are able to share these majestic creatures with you. The Cross T Ranch family is all about giving back where they can and if running a ranch wasn't enough, they find time to educate as many city slickers as possible. Come see the beauty and grace of these longhorns daily and try to catch and education presentation so you can learn a thing or two. Check the schedule of events for exact hours and show times. 

Army Bass Anglers Coalition Kids Fishing Tank 

Army Bass Anglers are not content with just fishing the toughest team tournaments, they hope to give kids an opportunity to learn about one of their passions, fishing. They don't consider themselves professional fishermen, but professional Soldiers who just happen to be really good, avid anglers and outdoorsmen with a far more important mission. Come fish with them at the Texas Wildlife Expo inside the Freeman Coliseum, check the schedule of events for daily fishing hours. 


"Where the wild kingdom meets your imagination!" Zoomagination is an educational and entertaining live animal program for all ages. The show will focus on the interaction of animals, humans, and the environment while featuring macaws, two toed sloths, and much more! Zoomagination will be here daily, check the schedule of events for showtimes. 

Wild Things Zoofari

This group brings the wonders of the animal world right to your fingertips. Experience an educational animal show that grants you hands-on learning with some of nature's most captivating critters. With a mix of both native and exotic animals they are bringing the ZOO to you! Wild Things Zoofari will be here daily, check the schedule of events for showtimes. 

Amazing Archery 

Master Bowman Frank Addington's Amazing Archery Show is unlike anything you have seen before. He will show off his talents with trick shots, behind the back shots, and keep your eyes on the target because he might even split a baby asprin. Frank has performances on select days. Be sure to check the schedule of events for exact dates and showtimes. 

San Antonio Zoo

When wild meets life! Get a glimpse of what your local zoo has to offer at the Rodeo. Make a wild connection with some of our animal ambassadors, reconnect with nature in the outdoor play scape, and learn how the zoo is securing a future for wildlife both locally and globally. Plus, get an exclusive discount on a Zoo Annual Pass only at the Rodeo You can visit the exhibit daily, but check the schedule of events for exact times. 

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