Meet our Hall of Fame Inductees

2020 Inductees:

Annella Egbert

Mark Colaw

2019 Inductees:

Brenda Harris

Rita Stich

Leon Coffee

2018 Inductees:

Keith L. Markey, MD

Laurie L. Miller

Hadley Barrett

2017 Inductees:

Billy W. Schieberle- Click here to view his Hall of Fame Video.

Dora Salinas- Click here to view her Hall of Fame Video.

2016 Inductees:

James "Fully" Clingman- Click here to view his Hall of Fame Video.

Fred Petmecky- Click here to view his Hall of Fame video.

Sheri Petmecky- Click here to view her Hall of Fame Video.

2015 Inductees:

Jack Ballard

Russell Bading

Elaine Van De Walle Thompson

2014 Inductees: 

Keith Martin 

Steve Bridges 

James R. Caruth

2013 Inductees:

Jackie Van De Walle

Richard M. "Tres" Kleberg III

Danny R. Adams

2012 Inductees:

Jimmie Ruth Evans

Kathy Tarbox

Tom Tarbox

2011 Inductees:

Thurman Barrett, Jr.

Tom C. Frost

Dr. Jake Wells

2010 Inductees:

Eloise Creek

Dan Puckett

Bobby & Georgett Hawkins

2009 Inductees:

Joe Bunn

Clyde Johnson

Rub Riedel

W. Marvin Rush

2008 Inductees:
Jim Tobe Atkinson
Charles Butt
Sidney A. Lindsay, Jr.

2007 Inductees:
Governor Dolph Briscoe
Weldon Alvis "Butch" Roberson
George "Moose" Ploch

2006 Inductees:
H.A. Fitzhugh
Edward W. Cassin, Jr.
George E. Light, III

2005 Inductees:
H.B. Zachry
William B. "Bill" Cunningham
Norm Nevins

2004 Inductees:
Fred R. Collier
Walter Joyce, Jr.
LeRoy Smith

2003 Inductees:
Tom Bell
A. J. Ploch
Nat Prassel

2002 Inductees:
Perry Shankle
Joe Morris

2001 Inductees:
E. W. Bickett
Fred Shield

2000 Inductees:
Mark Brown
Perry Kallison

1999 Inductees:
Joe Freeman
Harry Freeman
Mary Nan West

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