Junior Shows

Market Steers -  Dr. Mark Hoge; Macomb, IL

Associate Judge - Jared Boyert; Pleasantville, IA

Market Barrows -  

     Ryan Sites; Tuttle, OK (Chester White, Crossbred, Darkcrossbred, Poland China, Spot)

     Brandon Yantis; Piper City, IL (Berkshire, Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace, Yorkshire)

Market Goats - Slayton Strube; San Angelo, TX

Market Lambs - Clay Weber; Shedd, OR

Market Turkey Hens - Brian Lowe; McKinney, TX

Market Turkey Toms - Micah Osburn; Somerville, TX

Market Broilers - Jacob Price; Katy, TX

Breeding Beef Heifers - 

     Marcus Arnold; Winterset, IA (Beefmaster, Brahman, Limousin, Red Brangus, Santa Gertrudis)

     Tim Fitzgerald; West Grove, PA (Brangus, Chianina, Hereford, Maine-Anjou, ORB, Simmental)

     Josh Taylor; Perkins, OK (Angus, ARB, Charolais, Red Angus, Shorthorn, Simbrah)

Breeding Dairy Heifers - Phillip Topp; Botkins, OH 

Breeding Angora Goats - Zane Willard; San Angelo, TX

Breeding Boer Goats - Barrett Carlisle; Leavenworth, KS

Wether Does - Spencer Scotten; Nevada, MO

Breeding Sheep - Randell Von Krosigk; Sioux Falls, SD 

Wether Dams - Gene Winn; Estancia, NM 

Breeding Gilts - Maverick Squires; Dover, OK

Associate Judge - Galen McCune; Sharon, OK

Crossbred Gilts - Ben Moyer; Wauseon, OH

Open Shows

Breeding Beef Cattle - 

     Brad Bennett; Cookeville, TN (Beefmaster, Miniature Hereford, Santa Gertrudis, Simbrah, Percentage Simbrah)

     Judd Cullers; Hungerford, TX (Brahman - Gray and Red; Haltered Longhorn)

     Willie Weis; Stacyville, IA (Brangus, Red Brangus, Hereford, Limousin, Simmental)

     Katy Wunderlich; Hempstead, TX (Youth Miniature Hereford)

     Bruce Ollive; Big Sandy, TX (Non-Haltered Longhorn)

Breeding Dairy Heifers - Phillip Topp; Botkins, OH

Breeding Boer Goats - Spencer Scotten, Nevada, MO

Breeding Gilts - Ben Moyer, Wauseon, OH

Breeding Sheep -  Gene Winn, Estancia, NM

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