All Calf Scramble Monthly Reports will be posted here in an editable version for your convenience. Monthly Reports will be species specific and will cover a different topics such as Animal Selection, Animal Care, Nutrition, etc. Monthly Reports are due by the 20th of the respective month (see below). They must be emailed to in PDF Format. The title for the email should read “Calf Scramble Report-Exhibitor Name-Month."

Monthly Reports will be posted on the following dates:

June 1 (Due June 20)

August 1 (Due August 20)

October 1 (Due October 20)

November 1 (Due November 20)

December 1 (Due January 20 as a part of Final Report Book 

Please refer to the 2017-2018 Calf Scramble Rules and Guidelines to review all expectations for your Calf Scramble Project.

Contact the Calf Scramble office with any questions at 210-225-0575 or


2017-2018 Calf Scramble Rules and Guidelines

2017-2018 ARB/ORB Requirements

2017 Calf Scramble Monthly Report Example

2017 Calf Scramble Monthly Report-Doe-June

2017 Calf Scramble Monthly Report-Ewe-June

2017 Calf Scramble Monthly Report-Gilt-June

2017 Calf Scramble Monthly Report-Heifer-June

Monthly Reports

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